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Women today want an individual look enhanced by the perfectly designed hairstyle. At deLoain New York Salon, we believe every woman’s desire is to be and feel beautiful.

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A Younger You

When you look in the mirror what do you think you see? As a professional, I am told by some women, “when my hair is longer I feel that I look older.” But, the truth is as you age hair that is short or too short makes you look older.
Here are some of the facts about hair.  Short hair draws attention to the flaws on your face.  Ears grow as one ages; the elasticity lessens with age and your skin changes.  To wear short hair you should be thin.  Your facial features must be strong – high cheek bones, full lips, and strong jaw. You must be and have a youthful look and a strong sense of style to carry this off. 

Clients ask me what the difference is working in Alabama versus New York.  I thought about this question and one of the biggest differences is clients not realizing short hair is aging and less sophisticated.  How long your hair should be will be determined by your features and your stylist. 

What do you want to see when you look in the mirror?

Be and Feel Beautiful.

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